Former Principals Speak

Since the inception of SFS Dhemaji, several fathers have worked as Principals and moved out to other institutions or missions elsewhere. From the beginning till date, all those who headed this temple of wisdom have scripted memorable history in the lives of many a student, teacher, parent or public that all of them remain close to someone or the other in Dhemaji. So much so, it is our experience always that sometime or the other someone or the other ask us about one father or the other, being very curious to know about his whereabouts and howabouts, asking, "Where's Fr so and so now and hw's he doing?"

‘Former Principals Speak,’ is a section anew in our School Annual this time around precisely to play the role of a connecting link between people – the fathers who worked at SFS Dhemaji as principals at one time or the other and their students, parents and teachers of those times.

Here, you will find the list of Principals at SFS Dhemaji over the years and a message from each of them, reminiscing their days here, conveying their greetings and blessings, their thoughts on Education today and the role SFS plays. When we contacted them all in this connection, they were all only happy to contribute. We are sure that you will be happy connecting with them yet again…

Varkey Valiedathu

(Founder Principal: 1979-1985)

"From the Cradle of Divine Memories"

I left Dhemaji more than 35 years ago. I remember with joy being in the presence of you experiencing

Fr. George Kunnel

(Principal: 1985-1989 & 2006-2011)

"Nothing Great Achieved without Discipline"

I took over the administration of SFS School , Dhemaji from Fr. Varkey V, who opened the school

Fr. Mathew Puthumana

(Principal: 1990-1992 & 2013-2014)

"Healthy Education System – Basis of all Progress"

Nostalgia is the right word to associate myself with

Fr Dr George Mathew Parampukattil

(Principal: 1992 -1995)

"A Peep into the Past at SFS Dhemaji"

I reached St. Francis de sales school, Dhemaji, during the Holy Week in April 1993, succeeding

Fr Francis Poovelil

(Principal: 1996 - 2001)

"Walking the Extra Mile that Makes the Difference"

As a former principal of St. Francis de Sales

Fr Jacob Mattathil

(Principal: 2001-02 & 2011-12)

"When Spontaneity and Innocence let the Heavens Open up"

I am indeed delighted to know that another issue

Fr Jose Mundoly, MSFS

(Principal: 2002-05)

"Glancing through the Pages of Memory"

It was in 2002 that I was appointed as the Principal of SFS School

Fr Saji Tharayil, MSFS

(Principal: 2014-15)

"Building Character enroute to Enlightenment"

I greet each one of you through this brief message.I congratulate you dear parents